Dr. Louise StollA Day of Dialogue, Reflection and SharingNetwork of Inquiring Performance Based Schools
The 2005 – 2006 Case Studies Book

International Insights on School Improvement:

• Do we really have a learning culture in our school?

• Are we a professional learning community?

• Is learning an engaging experience for all learners?

• How are our networking initiatives connected?

• Is what we are doing sustainable?

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  • How to Encourage Kids to Be More Active in School

    May 12, 2017

    Nowadays, with many students spending a lot of their time on the computer and on mobile devices and video games, it seems that a lot of students are not as active as they should be. However, there are ways that you can help kids to be more active in a school setting. From investing in more school gym equipment and school sports equipment to making other changes, you might be surprised by how much more active the students in your school can be with a little bit of effort.

  • Helpful Tips for Earning Teaching Certificates Online

    January 8, 2017

    If you have decided to continue to pursue your education degree through online courses, you may be wondering what to expect and how you can best position yourself for success with this endeavor. Teaching certificates do have a classroom component to them in almost all schools that you are considering attending, so you will not be able to entirely earn your degree online. For example, part of the teach training program includes student teaching, and you may need to be in the classroom for several months or longer to complete this aspect of the program. However, there are many opportunities for you to take education courses and even teacher professional development courses online, and these tips can help you to more easily manage your course load.

  • Medical University
    Caribbean Medical School: What to Expect

    June 20, 2016

    Caribbean Medical Schools are schools that cater to North American students that are looking for an alternative approach to medical school. Many of the students that choose Caribbean Medical University do so because they did not succeed academically and could not get into their first choice schools in the United States or Canada. Canadian students comprise less than 10% of students who choose this route, but the number is rising because of the success of returning doctors.