Dr. Judy Halbert is a co-leader of the Network of Performance Based Schools and an assistant professor of studies in Educational Leadership at the University of Victoria. She has been formally recognized for her excellence in school and provincial level leadership.

Judy is committed to developing strong learning communities through inquiry, thoughtful use of evidence, and teamwork across roles and districts. She is also especially interested in the role that formative assessment can play in developing learner confidence and meta – cognition. Developing induction programs designed to meet the needs of new principals was the focus of her doctoral studies and has informed her work in the Certificate of School Management and Leadership program and with leadership development across BC.

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Dr. Linda Kaser is a co-leader of the Network of Performance Based schools and an assistant professor in Educational Leadership at the University of Victoria. She is recognized provincially and nationally for her work in developing networks that sustain learning change, her interest and application of critical thinking strategies, and her contributions to strengthening the literacy programs of the province.

Linda’s doctoral study focused on building trusting relationships with learners, teachers and families. The application of the findings from her study has made a significant difference to learning at all levels by young people, adults and families. She is deeply interested in learning more from the aboriginal perspectives in our province, country and globally.

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Donna Weaving, secretary with the Delta School District, has worked with Linda and Judy since the beginnings of the Network.  She works hard to make sure the Network runs smoothly by organizing meetings, coordinating the May Celebration event, bringing together the Provincial Leaders and organizing special guest presentations.

Donna is also responsible for compiling and formatting school stories; printing and distributing the annual Case Studies book; updating information for this website; as well as day to day correspondence and keeping track of all our members via email and the list serve.


Look for Linda and Judy’s book Leadership Mindsets for 21st century Schools to be published in 2008.

In January 2009, Judy and Linda will be co-chairing the ICSEI (www.icsei.org) Congress, New Departures for a Learning World of Quality and Equality – through Networks of Knowledge, Imagination, Innovation, and Transformation.  For more registration and program information  check the BCSSA website in January 2008 – www.bcssa.org