Getting Started with the Network

Membership in the Network is simple – schools must commit to work as teacher-principal teams, develop a focused question and assess using the performance standards, use teaching/learning strategies to get improved results, assess again and tell their story.

First Steps

•  do some background reading
•  talk to another network school (see a list of schools)
•  go to a network event
•  contact Linda Kaser or Judy Halbert,
the network co-leaders
•  agree to work together as a teacher-principal team
•  develop a focus question
•  understand and use performance standards
•  access resource materials and support
•  share your story with words and numbers with other network schools.
Click here for story examples.

School teams attend three after-school sessions and the formal storytelling celebration at the end of the year. They share questions, strategies, resources, and ideas with other schools.
Click here for calender of events.