Seminars & Conferences

podium-npbsA Leadership Learning Seminar
for BC Educators
April 30 and May 1, 2007


WNCP (Western and Northern Canadian Protocol) Rethinking
Classroom Assessment with Purpose in Mind: Assessment for Learning,
Assessment as Learning, Assessment of Learning (PDF)
by Lorna Earl and Steven Katz

Crossing Boundaries and Breaking Barriers: Distributing
Leadership in Schools (PDF)
by Alma Harris

Action Research and Coaching (PDF)
by Jan Robertson

Seven Strong Claims About Successful School Leadership
by Kenneth Leithwood, Christopher Day, Pam Sammons, Alma Harris and David Hopkins

PDF & Power Point Presentations from Seminar

From Aristotle to Assessment As Learning (ppt)
by Lorna Earl

Assessment for Deep Understanding (ppt)
by Lorna Earl

Learning Partnerships (PDF)
by Jan Robertson

Deep Supprt and Learning Partnerships (PDF)
by Jan Robertson

Leadership for Learning: Distributed Leadership in Schools (PDF- Large 36.9 MB)
by Alma Harris

Thank you to the Specialist Schools Academy Trust for sponsoring Alma’s presentation in BC